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Sources of Local Foods in Missouri

  2010 Field to Table Guide for NE Missouri (PDF)

  Northeast Missouri "Eat Local" Directory (PDF)

  To Market...To Market...:A Guide to Locally Grown Produce in the St. Louis Bi-State Area (PDF)

  Farm-Chef Connection, for the St. Louis Bi-State Area

  Updated! - The Guide to Eating Well and Doing Good in Columbia, Missouri (PDF)

  KC Directory of Local Organic and Natural Food Producers

  Flavor of Local Foods for WC Missouri & Kansas City (PDF)

  Missouri Exchange Online Marketplace

  Mississippi River Hills Guide to Regional Foods

  Farmers' Markets:

Farmers' markets can be an excellent, seasonal source of local food. Many markets feature baked and canned goods and dairy products in addition to fresh produce. Market rules and regulations vary by market, some markets allow vendors to sell produce grown by others,  which may not be local. Check with the vendor or market manager if you are uncertain.
Check out the Missouri Department of Agriculture's: 
Directory of Missouri Farmers Markets
  Missouri Food Circles:

     Kansas City Food Circle
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          (816) 374-5899
          Web Site:

     Kingdom of Callaway Food Circle
          Margot McMillen
          P.O. Box 179
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          (573) 642-6226

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