Food Circles Networking Project
Mission: What is a Food Circle?

A Food Circle is a new way of conceiving of and organizing our agricultural and food systems. It links the many people involved in food production together in interdependent, holistic ways. When we conceive of our food system as a circle, we acknowledge that we are connected with every other person in that circle through the act of food production.

Practically, a Food Circle is concerned with promoting the consumption of safe, regionally grown food that will encourage sustainable agriculture and help to maintain farmers, who will sustain rural areas. While the concept sounds simple, it means that we must radically change the way we participate in the act of growing and consuming food.
  Food Circle Goals:
  • Encourage families leaving public assistance to produce food for themselves and local markets.
  • Increase consumption of locally produced food by educating consumers about their food choices.
  • Provide alternatives for small farm families by helping them to grow and market food locally.
  • Develop community based value-added opportunities.

What you can do to help:
  • Buy your food from a farmer whose face you can see and whose farm you can visit.
    • Recruit and emotionally support families wanting to produce food locally.
    • Provide a market for locally produced food by knowing as much as you can about your food.
    • Get your church, school or community group to provide land for families wanting to grow and market food locally.
    • Create your own food networks of farmers, eaters, educators, churches and civic organizations.
    • Get involved in the Food Circles Networking Project by inviting a speaker to your next meeting.

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